It's convention to provide a biography on this kind of web page, but really, my work
 history,  childhood, etc. are not really relevant. What matters is my music, which hopefully
 you're  listening to while you read this. If not, head to the Orchestral page. If you don't feel like
scrolling up, you can simply click the goat on the left. This goat is suckling, but don't worry,
clicking him will not interrupt. If you are offending by  breast feeding, clicking the goat is still in your
best interest, as it will bring you away from here and onto my compositions page. Anyone,
it's not really breastfeeding, as the milk is coming out of my tail, and not my breasts.


Contradicting what was said earlier, here is a short bio of Albert McKay.


Albert was born in Iraq in 1975 to Shaw Mohammad Reza Pahlavi . The Shaw however was not interested in raising a child, and so left Albert in the desert, where he was found my The Secret Kurdish Traveling Circus. This Secret Circus is nomadic, and while spending much time in the middle east, can be seen in all parts of the world. The Circus does not advertise, as it is secret, however clues can be found as to where and when they will perform, and the fortunate will happen onto their shows.


Roles in the circus are given at birth (birth being considered the date that they find you, in case you are not born into The Circus). Albert was immediately given the role of composer, and trained until, at the age of 10, was  lost, during a storm at sea, (the circus ship had no provisions for finding overboard members). Albert washed up on a yet undiscovered island in the north pacific, where some humans claiming to be descended purely from Neanderthals reside. These people subsist on a strange blue plant, which they claim to give them all nutrients, as well as a white feline with thick fur and long fangs, called 'Fganior' by the natives. The natives' first impulse was to eat Albert (this was their way of showing hospitality, as being eat is the greatest honor among their people), however Albert proceeded to play the wooden pipe he'd inherited from the circus. Enamored by this foreign music, the Istiani people made Albert into their musical slave. At first his roles were only to sing, dance, and play the flute, but as time went on was able to arrange more complex musical performances involving the Istiani peoples' instruments.


At the age of 2007, Albert left the Istiani people on a raft constructed secretly during the night, and moved to Canada, where he relieved of life an unpopular attendee of Wilfrid Laurier University, and stole his identity, completing a musical degree in his place.


Since that time Albert McKay has completed a number of works, including films, operas, ballets, virtual surrealities, and non-visual, non-audible, non-tactile works of art. Most of his work has been sent off into space, in hopes it will be appreciated by a better developed civilization, however some samples of his music can be found on the page.


Some of this music, will be found by a non-corporeal entity named Crz-1872, who was born 38,527 years before the end of the universe, He travels through time backward, and on encountering Albert McKay's music, merges his soul to Albert, causing them to form a single being. therefor, Albert McKay has 2 separate origins of existence; his existence will continue to preceded his Iranian birth, but will not follow his future birth 38,527 years B.E.U. (before the end of the universe).


If you're a ballet dancer, gymnast, circus performer, film maker (who makes cool films), game maker (who makes cool games), or something like that, contact Albert McKay. Sent him an email, or something. Don't wait. Look what happened to David Bowie!